Our Motto:

“You are UIA”

Founded and based in the heart of the Midwest, Chicago, Illinois, Umu Igbo Alliance (UIA) is a dynamic organization with Igbo cultural focus, comprised primarily of young professionals and students. UIA membership targets all Igbo in the Diaspora, while actively embracing the support and participation of individuals and communities of all cultural backgrounds.


To serve as an exemplary model of progress and collaboration for all cultural organizations and communities, while sharing Igbo culture with the world


UIA serves to promote solidarity among Igbo professionals and students, galvanize the Community, and build upon the professional skills, networks, and cultural experience of its members to:

  1. Sustain the practice of Igbo culture and heritage through educational and cultural
  2. Provide culturally focused opportunities for networking and professional development.
  3. Organize and support the community through economic development and civic    
    engagement initiatives.
  4. Host social events and activities through which individuals can meet and forge lasting
    friendships and relationships.
  5. Proactively develop partnerships and foster collaboration with all organizations and communities that share the mission and vision of UIA.