Special Projects


The UIA Igbo Cultural Connection Series (ICCS) is a series of discussion sessions in which Igbos, especially younger Igbos, interested in learning more about their culture have an opportunity to do so in a relaxed and open environment. UIA realizes that the majority of our constituents may not know as much as they should or would like to know about their own culture. UIA strongly believes that those who display pride in their culture should know their culture well! In this spirit, we have initiated the cultural connection series where members of the older Igbo community volunteer their time to discuss a particular topic of Igbo cultural significance. Some included topics are:

  • the significance of the kola nut
  • traditional marriage and the Igbo family
  • the significance of Yam in Igbo culture
  • Biafra

We welcome any and all suggestions for topic events. At these sessions, those who have come to learn can enjoy food and fellowship as well as freely ask questions and discuss the topic with our Igbo "experts". Through this initiative, Igbos in general can strengthen ties to their culture.

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