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Beginner II



The class will run for 8 weeks starting on September 28th.



Austin C. Okigbo

* Currently tenure track faculty in ethnomusicology and ethnic studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
* Holds a Ph.D. in Folklore/ethnomusicology and African Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
* In addition to his regular disciplinary area of academic endeavor, Okigbo has worked on many fronts in Igbo language and culture development, including language instruction, translation of liturgical documents, and research on Igbo arts and culture. He has served in the Odenigbo Commission, the commission that overseas the annual Igbo language and culture festival in Owerri, Nigeria. He has taught Igbo language and culture at Harvard University and Indiana University, and at the Summer Cooperative African Languages Institute under the US Department of Education Title VI program.


Course Objective
This summer language study is designed primarily to help Igbo heritage learners to begin/continue to advance their facility with the language and culture.  Hence, emphasis will be placed on communication, to be realized by a mastery of the lexis, structure and syntax of Igbo language. The course will also integrate writing and reading skills in the language.
On another level, language and culture shall be integrated. Hence, contingent upon logistics of delivery, cultural role-plays in classroom setting will be utilized.

Speaking and Listening Goals
• Students use appropriate Igbo expressions and gestures to greet and take leave of teachers and classmates.
• Students give and follow simple instructions in Igbo in order to participate in classroom activities
• Students play roles in Igbo everyday situations, such as buying things in the market or ordering food.
• Students talk about and describe aspects of Igbo world
• Students ask and answer questions in Igbo about family, school, possessions and other familiar day-to-day issues.
• Students retell oral and written Igbo stories.
• Students prepare and perform Igbo poems, songs and plays as skits to class and school community.
• Students communicate in Igbo through letters and e-mails.

Reading & Writing Goals
• Students follow written instructions related to daily classroom activities.
• Students understand written statements and short passages in Igbo on familiar topics.
• Students understand familiar songs and poems, and videos in Igbo.
• Students understand brief spoken or written Igbo messages on familiar topics.
• Students communicate in Igbo through letters and e-mails.

Cultural Goals
• Students use appropriate gestures and Igbo expressions for greetings, leave takings and common classroom interaction.
• Students identify social forms and customs that are of interest to any age bracket including food, family life, and Igbo festivals.
• Students identify the difference between school life in their region and in the Igbo regions.
• Students identify and recognize products of Igbo culture in all spheres of language, clothing, food, dwellings, modes of transportation etc.
• Students learn about aspects of Igbo lifestyles of various Igbo communities such as household items, food and clothing.
• Students experience and interact with products of Igbo culture.
• Students identify age-appropriate folk arts and crafts in Igbo culture.